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The CW – Online Nation – YouTube with No Choice

Yet another disappointment from The CW. Online Nation is hosted by Stevie Ryan, Rhett, Link, and Joy Leslie. Stevie “Little Locust” Ryan evidentially has a following on the net. Possibly the million monkeys at a million keyboards coming to fruition. Join at the hip comedians Reht and Link evidentially got in line late to the “what should my alias be” line at Walmart. Joy Leslie may look hot in her micro minis, but evidentially, from Sunday’s episode, thats about the only reason to watch her.

Online Nation is touted (by the cast) as web clips b you, “minus all those annoying popups.” Pop-ups? Who gets pop-ups anymore? Pop-up blocking has been solved already…Online Nation’s awful format hasn’t. Hey CW! Ever hear of YouTube? Everything you show us on this show has been see, played, and re-played already. The difference we have to listen to the inane commentary by your hosts and watch your advertisements. In a world of low rent show, this has to be among the lowest. Sorry CW. NEXT!!!!!